Madhava 2016 Sustainability Report

Welcome to Madhava Sweeteners’ Sustainability Report 2016!

We at Madhava are excited to introduce our first corporate sustainability report! We are proud to produce the best sweeteners on the planet, but we are also proud of our dedication to making the planet a better place through responsible business practices.

Madhava is mission driven: “Madhava provides healthier sweet food choices people trust and love.” We value the trust of our customers and our stakeholders and understand that this trust is rooted in producing the highest quality products in a sustainable and responsible manner.

We take sustainable business seriously. That’s why we’re proud to present our sustainability pledge:

“Madhava pledges to effect meaningful change for our stakeholders through socially and environmentally responsible business practices.”

In this report you will learn a bit about what we do to make the world a little better and a little sweeter. From helping to revive bee populations to empowering the folks who help produce our sweets, we’re always looking for ways to help out.

Thank you for supporting Madhava and encouraging our drive to be a force for good.

2016 Highlights

Giving back

We realize our customers have a choice when looking for products that make their lives sweeter and we love that they choose us. By loving our products, they are helping to support the causes we stand for (we love that too).

Sweet Earth Project

Madhava’s honey wouldn’t be what it is if not for our special pollinating friends- the bees. Unfortunately our friends are in trouble and need our help. That’s why Madhava launched Sweet Earth Project in 2013. For every jar of Madhava Organic Honey sold, a portion of the purchase goes directly to organizations helping to save the bees through knowledge and action based change. Our 2016 recipients include The Xerces Society, Growing Gardens, UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences: Partnership for Bee Health, and the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. To learn more, or to contribute to the Sweet Earth Project, check out

Madhava Products: Human and Environmental Health

Our sweeteners are healthy alternatives to processed and refined sweets and are produced sustainably and responsibly. Our organic products are produced without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers which promotes healthy and balanced ecosystems. Here’s a snapshot of the best sweets on the planet.

Organic Coconut Sugar

Madhava’s Organic Coconut Sugar is sustainably grown and harvested in Indonesia. It is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and gluten free. Plus, the coconut palm tree has a smaller footprint than cane sugar, requiring 20% of the resources while producing 50-75% more per acre.

Organic Agave

Madhava’s Organic Agave is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, allergen free and vegan, and low glycemic. Our agave is organically grown and sustainably farmed in the Sierra Madres region of Mexico. We proudly offer a line of Fair Trade Certified agave.

Organic Cassava

Madhava’s Organic Cassava is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, fructose free, vegan and gluten free. Cassava grows well in low nutrient soil allowing farmers to grow the crop without turning to harmful synthetic fertilizers. The byproducts from Cassava starch production make wonderful organic compost which, in turn, delivers nutrients to the soil. The renewed soil allows farmers to plant and grow higher value crops.

Organic Honey

Madhava’s Organic Honey is USDA certified organic, raw, and unpasteurized. We work closely with our beekeepers to ensure our honey is organically grown and made with safe beekeeping practices that reinvigorate local ecology.

Quality and Safety

Quality assurance policy

We value the trust of our customers. That’s why we have strict quality assurance policies. Only the best leaves our facilities. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks, our packaging is BPA free, and we carefully mark quality dating to ensure our customers enjoy fresh and safe products.

Safety policy

The safety of our employees and customers is paramount. We take steps at our facility to ensure the health and safety of our workers. We use established best practices to keep our workforce informed of how to be safe.

The Madhava Community


We maintain a commitment to a happy and safe work environment. We know that in order to have superior products, we need to have a happy and healthy team. We also believe in fair wages. All of our employees are compensated above the designated living wage for Weld County.


We’re proud of our roots in the foothills of Boulder County. Our founders began by purchasing honey from boulder area beekeepers. They purchased a historic farm in Longmont where they set up operations with an emphasis on recycling and repurposing materials and sustainable business practices.


The Bees: Sweet Earth Project

We partner with organizations dedicated to saving bee populations by understanding and improving bee health. Bees provide countless benefits, but their populations are shrinking at an alarming rate.
Starting in 2015, we partnered with Thrive. Thrive is a collaborative program conducted by Teakoe Tea, Urban Pollination Project & Madhava Natural Sweeteners. Our mission is to connect influential partners with urban and rural gardens to support and repopulate at-risk honeybees living in the local area. Our collective effort will make a positive and natural impact on the bee population, our food supply and the local environment.
Madhava is a top five corporate donor to the Xerces Society. The Xerces Society combines scientific research and citizen action to implement targeted conservation efforts that improve populations of invertebrate pollinators.
Madhava’s partnership with the UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences has increased opportunities for students to research the relationship between pesticides and bee heath. We’re proud to help these new change-makers and their research.
The University of Minnesota Bee Lab researches the ways bee health can be improved through native revegetation. Madhava’s partnership is helping these current and future bee keepers to develop sound techniques.
Growing Gardens and Madhava are working to improve bee health through community education. Growing Garden’s empowers folks with the knowledge and tools they need to grow food sustainably and in harmony with our bee friends.


Many of our shipping supplies have been converted to reusable plastic totes to reduce the need for cardboard and other single-use shipping systems. Worn plastic totes are repurposed by local farm suppliers.
We’re switching our honey jars from glass to BPA-free PET plastic! This will greatly reduce our carbon footprint as glass is much heavier to transport and more energy intensive to recycle. This switch will save us over 340 gallons of gasoline per truck per year! The average American can drive 8600 miles on the gas we’re saving per truck. That’s the equivalent of driving from LA to New York three times.

Greenhouse Gas and Water Use Reduction

Reducing costly and unnecessary waste is not only good business, it’s the right thing to do. We’re establishing a baseline GHG emission, water use, and recycling figures to create reduction targets for the future. Look for more information in our reporting statistics!


We employ the expert services of Eco-Cycle to ensure recycling is done consistently and correctly. We also dispose of hazardous waste in a responsible manner.

Reporting statistics

Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions FY16

Natural Gas: 9852 Therms or 52.24 Metric Tons of CO2
TOTAL Scope 1 CO2: 52.24 Metric Tons of CO2

Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions FY2016

Electric: 351,898 kWh or 247.38 Metric Tons of CO2
TOTAL Scope 2 CO2: 247.38 Metric Tons of CO2

Water FY16

Water use: 522,677 gallons of water used
From January to July 2016, we prevented over 17,100 pounds of substances harmful to human health from entering landfills due to our recycling and proper waste disposal efforts.
We are using 2016 to establish a baseline so we can make targeted reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and water use in the future. Keep an eye out for our GHG and water reduction goals.

Madhava Sweeteners

Madhava was born from one honey enthusiast and a swarm of hardworking honeybees. Since our humble beginnings in 1973, our efforts have blossomed beyond honey. We have become a trusted leader in natural sweeteners, dedicated to providing healthier alternatives to highly processed, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. We’re on one naturally sweet mission, to create better-for-you options for all of your favorite sweet treats.
Pure. Natural. Scrumptious. Sweet!

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