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Win a Lemonade Stand Kit Chock-Full of Madhava Goodies!

By: Jon Doe | July 23, 2014 | Share Buttons

The sun’s out in full force, and we’ve got a stable of recipes to help you keep your cool and fulfill your sweet tooth at the same time.      

DIY: Honey Bear Pancakes

By: Jon Doe | July 23, 2014 | Share Buttons

At Madhava, we’re focused on sustainability as well as deliciously sweetening your food. So when we finished our latest Honey Bear, we gave it new life by filling it with our Madhava Flip for Flapjacks pancake mix! Much to our surprise, it was the PERFECT vessel for dispensing pancake batter onto the griddle. Check it… Read more »

DIY: Lemonade Stand Kit

By: Jon Doe | July 23, 2014 | Share Buttons

This summer, put together this adorable kit that’s bound to help kids find success in the lemonade stand business. All it takes is your favorite party supplies, some delicious Madhava products, and a little elbow grease (but not much…we promise). Everything you need: dispenser, party supplies, Luscious Lemonade Drink Mix, Iced Tea Lemonade Drink Mix… Read more »

How Parasites Could Be Contributing to the Decline of Honeybee Colonies

By: Jon Doe | July 23, 2014 | Share Buttons

According to a study performed by University of California, San Diego, biologists have discovered a new parasite that could be shortening the life spans of honey bee colonies. This parasite can infect adult honeybees as well as honeybee larvae—infant honeybees that are infected generally have reduced lifespans as a result. This falls on the heels… Read more »

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Madhava was born from one honey enthusiast and a swarm of hardworking honeybees. Since our humble beginnings in 1973, our efforts have blossomed beyond honey. We have become a trusted leader in natural sweeteners, dedicated to providing healthier alternatives to highly processed, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. We’re on one naturally sweet mission, to create better-for-you options for all of your favorite sweet treats.
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